Our Company

Based in Atlanta, The RADCO Companies is an opportunistic real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition and repositioning of multifamily assets.

Using the Building Better Living values as our compass, our seasoned team navigates the ever-changing real estate environment and leverages our vertically integrated platform to identify market opportunities, optimize asset performance, and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors.

RADCO Platform

  • Accounting
  • Capital Markets
  • Investment Management
  • Investment Transactions
  • Renovations
  • Residential – Property Managment

Building Better Living


We embrace change, challenge the conventional, and balance short-term risk to achieve long-term success.


We believe in social good, championing, and setting examples for our employees, our residents, and our communities.


We are disrupters and change agents. Our dynamic culture means we adapt, innovate, and evolve to ensure we are always improving.


We define success as creating opportunities for all those we serve – delivering impressive returns to our investors, providing growth opportunities for our employees, and genuinely improving the lives of our residents through Building Better Living.

The RADCO Advantage

Our culture of creativity and adaptability enabled us to stay profitable throughout the real estate financial crisis, and we have stayed ahead of the market ever since.

With more than two decades of success, we believe in working collaboratively and innovatively to transform challenging assets and create substantial value for both investors and residents.

Today, our rigorous screening process is based on a bottom-up analysis rooted in extensive market research, transaction-level due diligence, and hands-on experience in acquiring and operating multifamily properties.

Our Approach

Company History

Founded in 1994 by Norman Radow, The RADCO Companies has acted as both a principal and service provider to lenders and financial institutions for more than 20 years.

After more than 100 successful projects, RADCO still specializes in maximizing the value of distressed, underperforming, and challenging real estate assets.

1994 – 1999

1994 – 1999

RADCO’s first project was the redevelopment of a 53-story Atlanta hotel, office, and condominium tower in distress, which later became known as the Four Seasons Hotel.

In the years following that cornerstone success, the Company built an expansive platform concentrated in the acquisition and repositioning of mixed-use condominium developments.

2000 – 2005

RADCO expanded its business model when Lehman Brothers retained RADCO to work out its mezzanine position in a failing multifamily deal.

RADCO continued to consult, work out, and become the successor developer for $2 billion in Lehman assets on a national level, even after the Lehman bankruptcy.

2000 – 2005

2006 – 2011

2006 – 2011

RADCO exited the principal business to expand its workout platform.

The Company represented hedge funds, equity and mezzanine funds, special servicers, and banks in connection with distressed, underperforming, and challenging multifamily, condominium, mixed-use, and master planned projects. During this period RADCO also acted as a restructuring officer, most notably on a $3 billion portfolio in California.

2011 – Present

RADCO identified that there was a growing and dramatic demographic shift occurring that would profoundly affect how people lived and what they could afford.

As a result, RADCO re-entered the principal business and began buying, renovating, and repositioning value-added multifamily communities using its vertically integrated platform.

2011 – Present

Meet the Leadership Team

Our close-knit, resourceful, and adaptive team embodies the values that have propelled RADCO’s long-term success.

With an elite roster of talent spanning multiple market cycles, RADCO practices a leadership philosophy that emphasizes our results-driven culture and steadfast commitment to Building Better Living for investors, employees, and residents.